Nervous System in Humans

The nervous system in your body is your internal communication centre. It is made up of the brain, the spinal cord (the back bone) and a network of nerve cells that runs through your entire body.

How Nervous System works?

Have you ever accidentally touched a hot surface?

Did you immediately take your hand away? How did that happen?


Well, that is your nervous system at work. The nerves in your hand send a message to your brain and tell: "Oh man, this is hot!". Your brain processes that information and send a message back to your hand "Stay away , remove your hand". And all of this happens very fast as the messages move very fast in your body ,that is about 320 KMs per hour. Your brain also controls certain activities which you don’t even think about e.g. breathing and beating of your heart.

The nerves are spread through out your body and these nerves keep sending information to your brain. Brain processes that information and sends back the messages to different parts of your body to take required action.

To know more about nervous system, the kids can watch this video. In this short movie about nervous system, a funny character teaches everything about nerves and different parts if your brain in a very entertaining and interesting way.

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