Digestive System in Humans

This video is a journey through human digestive system. Two kids follow the food in the body to learn about the parts of human body that make up the human digestive system

Major stages of the digestive system:

1. Chewing - Chewing is the first stage of the digestive system. When you chew your food it breaks up big pieces into little pieces that are easier to digest and swallow.


2. Swallowing - Swallowing may seem like a simple process but many parts of human body are working behind the scene to make it sound effortless.

3. Stomach - Stomach is next stage. Food stays in the stomach for around four hours.

4. Small Intestine - The 1st part of the small intestine , food is worked upon by the juices from the liver and pancreas and is broken down . The 2nd part is where the food gets absorbed from the intestine and enters our body through the blood.

5. Large Intestine – This is the last stage. Any food that the body doesn't need or can't use is sent to the large intestine and later leaves the body as waste.

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